Wisconsin Bar Running Promotion To Pick Up Tabs Of Customers When Jets Lose This Season

The Jordan Love era is finally upon us in Green Bay, but apparently some Wisconsin folks just can’t get losing Aaron Rodgers off their mind.

A bar called Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is running a promotion this season dubbed ‘Jet’s lose, you win!’, where if the Jets lose, the bar picks up your tab.

The rules are simple – you must be 21 years of age of course and open a tab 15 minutes before the Jets kickoff each week. Aaron Rodgers must be starting that game, and you must stay at the bar for the entire course of the game. After the clocks strike zero, if the Jets are on the losing end of that game, all the drinks you’ve ordered are on the house.

For the sake of the bar goers, hopefully the Jets don’t blow any massive leads this season…