Micah Parsons Rips Bart Scott For Insensitive Comment About Trevon Diggs’ Injury

On ESPN’s “First Take” on Friday, the panel discussed the ramifications of Trevon Diggs’ season-ending enjoy, and Bart Scott decided to use the injury to take a swipe at the Dallas Cowboys, bringing up how Stephen A. Smith has spent years trolling Cowboys fans.

“This is a major, major blow for Dallas, and like Stephen A. always said, ‘Just wait, something bad always happens,’” Scott laughed. 

This didn’t sit well with Cowboys fans and players — specifically Micah Parsons, who took to Twitter/X to rip the Scott.

“Wtf ?? He ole hating ass old head!! Lame asf!! This why I really don’t like talking to dudes in the media!! As a former player you are a lame asf bro! Just facts joking bout a man trying to feed his family and building a legacy! ESPN gotta stop letting corn balls on tv!!” Parsons wrote.


Diggs, who turned 25 this week, is a two-time Pro Bowler and was an All-Pro in 2021. He signed a five-year deal worth up $97 million with the Cowboys this past offseason.