Eagles Fans Hijack Tampa News Reporter’s Live Shot After MNF Win vs Buccaneers (VIDEO)

Philadelphia Eagles fans completely took over Tampa on Monday night as they showed up to Raymond James Stadium to supporter their beloved Eagles.

Eagles fans celebrated their team’s 25-11 victory over the Bucs in the stadium and outside it in the parking lot. The celebration came at the cost of Tampa’s local ABC-affiliate reporter Michael Paluska, who was attempting to get a reaction of the Tampa Bay fans leaving the stadium, but instead was swarmed by rowdy Eagles fans during the live segment.

“These are not the live spots you want to do after the Bucs loss. People are coming out screaming in front of the camera,” said Paluska. “They said it looked more like a Eagles home game out here. There’s a lot of things that happened… and I’ll try to get through a live shot.”

Ultimately, the reporter had no choice but to send the segment back to the studio after not being able to find one Bucs fan that he could interview.

The Eagles improved to 3–0, Tampa Bay fell to 2–1 with Monday’s loss. The Bucs will have a chance to rebound in Week 4 on the road against the Saints while the Eagles will host the Washington Commanders.