Joe Namath Rips The Jets And Zach Wilson To Shreds After Loss vs Patriots: “I Don’t Believe He’s Good”

The New York Jets have lost Joe Namath.

The Hall of Fame quarterback says Zach Wilson isn’t the answer for the franchise and the team needs to bench him as soon as possible.

“I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson, all right,” Namath said Monday on ESPN New York’s “The Michael Kay Show” after the Jets lost to the New England Patriots 15-10 at home. “I’ve seen enough. Has quick feet, can throw a little bit, but I don’t believe what’s going on up there.”

“I’m saying I don’t believe in him,” Namath said. “I don’t believe he has a future as a good player and I think they made a wrong choice when they drafted him. I feel that way. He has some athletic ability, but you gotta have something up here that’s going on whenever you’re studying, reading, playing out there.”


Namath, who was the Jets quarterback during the franchise’s only Super Bowl victory in 1968, said that he’s also out on Robert Saleh after his continued belief in Wilson. Saleh expressed confidence in the former No. 2 overall pick multiple times after Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles in Week 1.

Broadway Joe took it to another level when he said “top to bottom” the Jets need to make changes including firing Robert Saleh.

“How can a coach say, ‘The locker room’s together?'” Namath continued. “How many teams have we been on? You’re telling me there aren’t some cats on the defensive side saying, ‘Whoa, man. What’s wrong with you?’ There’s not all harmony in the locker roomm and if there is, they need to get rid of the people. You gotta get people in there that are competitors and wanna fight to win.”

The schedule doesn’t get easier for the Jets, as they host the defending-Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night in Week 4.

Here’s the full segment: