High School Referee Rips Off Player’s Helmet In The Middle Of A Play, Then Penalizes And Ejects Him From Game

A high school referee in Texas is in some hot water for an inexcusable act during a game on Friday night.

During the Whitney-Madison High of Dallas game in Texas, a referee shockingly ripped a player’s helmet off in the middle of a play for no reason. The play was trying to head to his right so he could follow the play before the referee grabbed him and ripped his helmet right off.

What makes it worse is the same referee then threw a flag on the player and proceeded to eject him from the game, according to the player’s mother:

On Saturday, the University Interscholastic League issued a statement that it is looking into the matter.


Whitney won the game the 56-28, improving to 5-0 while Madison dropped to 2-4 on the season.