Fans Believe Matt Canada Used His Steelers’ Team E-Mail Address To Create Burner Account

Matt Canada can’t be this stupid.

Earlier this week, fans began to speculate that Steelers offensive coordinator had created a burner account on Twitter/X after a series of tweets surfaced from that account blindly defending Canada while also criticizing the rest of the Steelers players including QB Kenny Pickett and HC Mike Tomlin.

The burner account is @DannyFootball77

Another fan began to put his detective hat on and investigated further to see if that account, which has 12 tweets was indeed Canada’s burner account.


The fan went through the “forgot password” process, and found that the email associated with that account is ‘[email protected]

Matt Canada really used his team e-mail address to create a burner account.

What makes this revelation so troubling is that the accounts has tweets criticizing Kenny Pickett, George Pickens and Mike Tomlin:

The Steelers need to address this.