Robert Saleh Says He ‘Doesn’t Know’ Why Zach Wilson Can’t Be Bench: “I’m Going To Plead The 5th, You Got Me”

The New York Jets offense once again looked absolutely inept on Monday Night against the Los Angeles Chargers as the calls for them to bench Zach Wilson just continue to grow.

The Jets, who sit at 4-4 on the season, have a championship-caliber defense that is essentially being wasted because the team’s desire to stick to Wilson as their signal-caller despite the fact that their offense continues to not be able to score points. In fact, the Jets have just three offensive touchdowns in the last four weeks.

Following the 27-6 loss to the Chargers, Robert Saleh made his weekly radio appearance on The Michael Kay Show and was straight up asked why the New York Jets can’t bench Zach Wilson and give Trevor Siemian a try?

Saleh’s answer seems to indicate that the decision is out of his hands, telling Michael Kay “I don’t know” while also coming off as being flustered by the question, only to respond by saying, “I don’t know.. you got me. I’m going to plead the 5th on this one.”


Here’s the audio: