Cam Newton Says David Tepper Wants Bill Belichick To Become Next Panthers Coach

Carolina Panthers legend Cam Newton believes David Tepper is big fish hunting when it comes to his next head coach.

During a discussion on his podcast, 4th And 1, Newton suggested Panthers owner David Tepper is targeting Bill Belichick to become the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

“Knowing what I do know, he’s hoping that he can land Bill Belichick,” Newton said. “That, right there, would be a win-win-win-win for David Tepper.”

Cam believes that the job would be enticing for Belichick because “Tepper would give him everything that he would need,” which would be enticing to Belichick as he attempts to prove himself away from the New England Patriots if they went their separate directions after the 2023 campaign.


It was once so insane to think that the Patriots would ever fire Bill Belichick but with the Patriots 2-9 and not even looking like a functional football team, all signs seem to indicate that the time has come for Robert Kraft to turn the page on the Belichick-era.

As for the Carolina Panthers, they fired Frank Reich after just 11 games as the team’s head coach and owner David Tepper is entering a critical time as owner of the team. Bringing in the greatest football coach in NFL history to help turn around this franchise would probably go a long way in his quest to regain his fanbase’s trust.