Patriots’ Jabrill Peppers Caught Ripping His Own Team During Postgame Handshakes After Loss vs Giants

Well, he’s not wrong.

Hot mics caught a hilarious exchange postgame between Giants running back Saquon Barkley and Patriots safety Gabriel Peppers after the Giants’ 10-7 win last Sunday.

Barkley and Peppers, who are former teammates, met at midfield for a postgame handshake and Barkley, who was mic’d up, caught Peppers ripping his own team.

“You lucky we ass!” Peppers said to Barkley as the two shared a quick hug, which sent Barkley into hysterics.


Here’s the clip:

The Patriots fell to 2-9 on the season with the loss after kicker Chad Ryland missed a potential game-tying 35-yard field goal. So at the end of the day, Peppers is not wrong.