Antonio Brown Uses Racial Slur Towards Reporter Who Compared Current Steelers WRs To Him

Antonio Brown has never been one to think before he speaks and he certainly isn’t shy when it comes to using racial slurs to insult others.

Such was the case when his name was mentioned by Pittsburgh Steelers reporter Gerry Dulac, who wrote this week that there’s a growing concern that the “Steelers might have another Antonio Brown on their hands.”

Here’s what Dulac said via Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

“There is a growing concern, some might want to call it fear, the Steelers might have another Antonio Brown on their hands. However, in this instance, it’s not just one receiver who is guilty of such shameful, sometimes intolerable behavior. It’s two.”

Dulac is speaking in reference to the growing immature behavior coming from Diontae Johnson and George Pickens this season. Meanwhile, Brown saw his name mentioned in the article and used a racial slur in response:


This isn’t the first time Brown has used this slur. Back in 2019, he allegedly used the word “cracker” during a heated exchange with then-Raiders general manager Mike Mayock.