Kadarius Toney Claims He’s Still A No. 1 WR “If He Gets The Ball”

Kadarius Toney has to be one of the more delusional players in the NFL.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII the troubled Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver met with the media during Opening Night and was asked about the controversial video that surfaced prior to the AFC Championship Game when he claimed the Chiefs were not truthful about his injury.

Toney clarified that he wasn’t going after Chiefs Kingdom, rather at the fanbase of his former team, the New York Giants. He admitted that he “shouldn’t be doing that.”

He was then asked about whether or not he can be a No. 1 wide receiver and his response was eye-popping.


“Yeah, if I get it. If I get the ball, yeah,” Toney said.

There’s so much wrong with what Kadarius Toney said. First of all, nobody “chopped up” clips of his viral Instagram live. He went live, said what he said, someone screen recorded it and it went viral on social media.

Then, for Toney, to say that that he’s a No. 1 WR if “gets the ball” completely overshadows that how the Chiefs were trying to get Toney the ball earlier in the season and have him establish himself as the team’s top WR. Instead, he had a plethora of drops and couldn’t stay healthy. Let’s not forget how he lined up egregiously offsides against the Buffalo Bills that ended up costing the Kansas City Chiefs that game.

Toney’s status for Super Bowl LVIII remains uncertain, his future in Kansas City is also in doubt.