REPORT: NFL Leaving ‘Tush Push’ As Legal Play For 2024 Season

The ‘Tush Push’ had become a controversial play that forced the NFL’s competition committee to discuss banning the play.

The play, which got famous by the Philadelphia Eagles’ wild success with it, has the quarterback line up over the center, take the snap and push forward as his running back and wide receiver pushes him from behind.

On Thursday, NFL executive Troy Vincent confirmed that the league decided to not present any proposal to play the play for the 2024 season. League vice president of health and safety Jeff Miller added that the biggest reason was there was simply not enough injury data to support banning the play.

The Eagles had been able to be so successful with it in-large part because of their center — Jason Kelce. After Kelce announced his retirement this offseason, it’s safe to wonder if Philadelphia will still be able to have the same success.