Minnesota Vikings Unveil ‘Winter Warrior’ Alternate Uniforms For 2024 Season

The Minnesota Vikings unveiled “Winter Warrior” alternate uniforms on Thursday, calling them the “coldest uniforms in the league.”

“The uniforms celebrates Minnesota and Nordic Vikings,” Vikings art manager Jackie Ramacher said in a statement. “Minnesotans are battle tested, resilient and tough. We are not only bonded by our harsh, cold winters, but we embrace them, so it’s fitting that the Vikings wear the coldest uniforms in the NFL.”

The all-white helmet includes a metallic gray stripe to emulate early Vikings battle helmets. Utilizing white, purple and metallic gray as the primary colors marks the first time the Vikings’ uniforms have not incorporated gold into the scheme. Details include “icicle drip” numbers and a Nordic Knots pattern on the back neckline.

The Vikings plan to wear the “Winter Warrior” uniforms for their Week 15 gameĀ against the Chicago Bears on Monday, Dec. 16 at U.S. Bank Stadium. Every team is allowed up to two alternate uniforms, and the club can choose to wear the substitutes twice each season.


You can view more photos of the uniforms here.