FS1 Host Claims Jerry Jones Might Be Selling Dallas Cowboys To Saudi Arabia Hedge Fund

There’s never a down time when it comes to America’s Team.

Despite making it clear that he has no intentions of selling the Dallas Cowboys, Fox Sports 1 host Craig Carton claims he would “not be surprised” if Jerry Jones doesn’t sell the Cowboys, which is the most-valuable franchise in all of sports.

“I think they’re going to sell the team,” Craig Carton said. “I would not be surprised if we start hearing rumblings that Jerry Jones is going after hedge funds in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, trying to find the suitor to give him the largest check ever given to the owner of a North American sports franchise.”

Carton has been floating this rumor for a while now. Earlier this year, he said that Jones would sell the team within two years.


“It’s as clear as day to me that Jerry Jones will sell the Dallas Cowboys within the next two years,” Carton said. “He will not own the team beyond the next two years, because this ain’t Jerry Jones, and Jerry Jones can’t go out like that, because that’s not what Jerry Jones is all about.

That’s a bold statement form Carton.