Cam Newton Said He’d Take Dak Prescott Over Jalen Hurts

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton has never been shy of making controversial statements when it comes to quarterbacks around the NFL and on Friday, Newton made headlines again when discussing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

On the latest episode of his “4th & 1” podcast, Newton talked about the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. Prescott is not even near the top 10 despite making $40 million per year. 

Newton can’t believe there are certain quarterbacks making more than Prescott despite not having better career numbers. He also called out the double standard that Prescott faces on a weekly basis. 

“If you’re going to sit up here and judge Dak Prescott off playoff success and I’m looking at a list of guys that don’t even have no playoff experience or playoff win, c’mon,” Newton said. “I would prefer Dak Prescott over Kirk Cousins. I would prefer Dak over Kyler Murray. Jalen Hurts? I would prefer Dak over Jalen Hurts. I’m taking Dak Prescott over all of all these QBs!”


Here’s the clip:  

Last season, Newton made headlines when he referred to the Dallas Cowboys signal caller as a ‘game-manager.’

2024-25 could be Prescott’s final season in Dallas as he’s set to enter free agency in 2025. The Cowboys would like to get a deal done but it seems like Prescott would like to get to free agency and he will if he doesn’t sign an extension before then. The Cowboys can not place the franchise tag on Prescott.