Dallas Cowboys Unveil Plans For New World HQ – The Star



The Cowboys, the team that calls the state, who’s slogan is everything is bigger in Texas, definitely lives up to it’s name. With infamous multibillionaire owner Jerry Jones at the helm, nothing with the Cowboys is beyond the imagination and realm of possibility. After constructing what was at the time and most likely still is the largest, most grandiose stadium arguably in all of sports, AT&T Stadium, Jerry and the Cowboys executives and management released Tuesday their newest plans. These plans are for The Star, a new world HQ for the Cowboys which plans to be completed in 2016.
The Star, which will call Frisco, Texas home, consists of  a 91-acre training complex with a 12,000 seat event center, indoor and outdoor practice fields, and an upscale hotel as well as a retail conference center and more.The complex will have two outdoor practice fields – one grass, one turf – that will be exclusively for the Dallas Cowboys’ use.
The sheer size of it is incredible, and it surely won’t disappoint in person once its completed. Construction has already begun and once finished, expected to have cost over 5 billion dollars.


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