Butthurt Seahawks Fan Writes Letter To Newton Calling Him Classless For Throwing 12th Man Flag

Here we go again…

Cam Newton and one fan anonymous in particular made headlines and started a frivolous debate when she called the QB classless for dancing after scoring a TD because he children were watching.

And with another win, we have yet another letter. This woman, named ‘Sarah’ wrote an open letter to Newton calling him disrespectful and classless for tossing a 12th man flag to which a Carolina Panthers fan handed him after Sunday’s game. Her methodology was that by tossing a flag with the number 12 on it, it takes away from everything Russell Wilson, the Seahawks and 12th man has done for the community.

The letter wound up being posted on the Facebook page of KIRO 7 News in Seattle, and went viral from there.

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‘Sarah’ may not be aware of the charitable work Newton and the Panthers do included Cam’s own foundation which he started with his platform, or hang out with disabled children before games, or hand balls to kids after every TD, but that’s none of my business.

Incase you missed the incident, here’s the video which got all this started.

The Panthers of course beat the Seahawks, 31-24, and have advanced to the conference championship versus the Cardinals which will be played this weekend.


  1. So out of curiosity, what you’re saying is that… because he does his own charity work and has his own foundation going on and such… it’s completely okay for him to disrespect their Fans like that? Yeah, sorry.. No.

    Cam Newton is a gifted athlete. He really is. And he’s fun to watch play. But he still acts like a child. A spoiled child. He really needs to grow up a bit and act like a professional.

    • Grow up. Watch the video close, its a seahawks fan who dangles it in his face. How is that spoiled? Hes a guy enjoying the game he loves and gets paid to play. Pretty good example of someone enjoying their work id say, and football is competitive. Try and put an opposing flag in anyones face and see how that turns out.

    • A silly child would’ve got his payday this offseason and sat back instead of improving. That said, if we’re watching the same video, that flag was brought his way, he didn’t go out of his way to find one…so if the seahawks fan wanted to heckle Cam and flaunt that flag, then yes, it IS completely okay for him to take it and throw it away. If someone were to point their finger straight in your face trying to taunt you, what would your response be? Same analogy, you’d probably wack it away from your face.

  2. Ridiculous!
    Cam was doing victory-lap high-fives with the crowd when a fan *handed* him a (discarded?) Seahawks flag – of course he’s going to throw it. Did you want him to fold it up neatly?

    • It looks like, if anything, the fan was heckling Cam by waving it in his face…but yea, it might have also been a discarded flag. Either way, this lady needs to associate herself with something more serious than a team affiliation.

  3. Sorry but… there’s no moral high ground.

    It would be one thing if Cam put his hands on a fan and roughed them up. It would be one thing if Panthers fans pissed on a Seahawks fan, roughed him up, beat him up. That’s inexcuseable.

    But I’m sorry, if I’m as a Ravens fan, going to go to say, Heinz Field and wave a Ravens flag around and say Antonia Brown comes by and rips it up, I’ll probably freak out in a “holy crap I got the attention of a football big star” kind of a way. I’d think it was neat. A waste of money for losing a flag, but it would be badass. And well earned if my team lost.

    Me thinks the 12th Man needs thicker skin.

  4. I love how the actions of the Seahawk fan who tried taunting Cam with the 12th Man flag is completely forgotten. If the 12th men are so classy then why did they taunt Cam in the first place? As soon as you reach over that barricade you’re putting yourself in harms way. Cam could have thrown the fan to the ground and I would have been fine with that, although I’m sure many wouldn’t be, but instead he simply threw the flag down. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

    BTW, I’m a Pats fan so I don’t have any stake in the whole Carolina vs Seattle thing at all.

  5. Shall we discuss the 12th man fans in my stadium who were hating on Thomas Davis? The league sweetheart? The Panthers and the Seahawks are both active in the community. What I like is when my guys do something nice it’s usually not a press release. My qb goes out of his way to help kids and adults alike. This is ridiculous that the 12th man community is complaining so much.


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