Chiefs Fan Brutally Punches Rams Fan Right In Front Of Police At Preseason Game


The Los Angeles Rams haven’t played but 2 games in their new city and they’ve already most likely had more fights than wins they’ll have wins this season.

The Rams defeated the Chiefs on Saturday by a score of 21-20, but it seemed as if the crowd my have been more captivated by the fights than the actual game being played at the LA Coliseum.

One Chiefs fan even layed a hay-maker right in front of stadium security and LAPD, which should land him a few days in jail. The punch was so brutal that you could hear the entire section gasp as the sound reached them.

That wasn’t the only fight of the night…


  1. California NFL fans suck theres a reason the niners and raiders can’t play in the preseason against each other anymore.

  2. There you have it..a glimpse into some of the worst society can offer. Such stupidity at these games. 1 chromosome away from being an animal.


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