Just Incase You Vikings Fans Haven’t Cried Yet, Here’s Some More Salt For Your Wounds

Minnesota fans may still be sitting in front of their TV’s stunned. After what seems like a sure win via a Blair Walsh chip shot field goal, Walsh shanked the kick wide left, handing the game to the Seahawks, ending the Vikings season.

BUT, just incase you folks from Minnesota weren’t crying just yet, here’s some more salt for your wounds.


Why yes, yes we just referenced the 2009 NFL draft for a football game, and it’s as every bit as appropriate. With the 6th pick in the 2009 NBA draft, the Timberwolves selected Jerry Flynn (yes we don’t remember him either) over Stephen Curry, the reining NBA Champ and MVP.

What could have been. So sad.


    • they also said, “yes we just referenced the 2009 NFL draft for a football game”, when they are clearly referencing the NBA draft. I swear, every time I read the text that goes along with these dailysnark posts, that a 9 year old writes the content on here on the continuous grammar errors post after post…


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