Patriots Being Investigated For Coin Toss, Brady Looking At Possible 4-Game Suspension


GLENDALE, AZ – There’s only one way for Roger Goodell to explain the mockery of the coin toss which occurred at the end of the Cardinals – Packers game, the Patriots.

Those damn pesky, cheating Patriots at it again, trying to mess with a game on the other side of the country to sway who they’ll likely face in the Super Bowl barring they reach it, of course leaning towards the banged up and relatively struggling Green Bay Packers. Patriots fans commenting on which team from this game they’d want to play if they were to meet in the Super Bowl answered with the Packers almost every time, saying it would take a hail mary to beat th..oh wait.

Commissioner Goodell released a statement at 12:27am ET on Sunday morning saying it’s “more probably than not” that Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick were the ring leaders of the coin toss operation and will launch a proper investigation with a paid, third-party private investigator.

No word yet on whether Brady will be facing a suspension, but sources say Brady will be suspended for four games just for the hell of it, and then have that suspension retracted once the NFL realizes they have no facts.

Goodell and the league office will speak more about the matter later Sunday morning, per source.


  1. If you don’t understand that this is just a big funny joke, then you should probably get your brain checked, figure out what sarcasm is, and get a damn sense of humor. Come one people who believes everything they read…. Oh it’s on the Internet so it must be true haha get a life.

  2. Who ever made this article is just a butthurt sore loser who cant get over his superbowl lost. Go killself please, its for the better of this world.

  3. everyone who is bitching about this article. IT is just a joke. with all the shit that happened to us pats, this is just a joke

  4. Nothing funny about this. Just trying to make more light out of a cheating team. The Patriots have taken integrity out of the game. When you have a team who has some sort of cheat for every ring they have, and the president of the league gets over ruled by a judge, it’s the beginning of a circus. Thanks Brady for having zero integrity and knowing you need some sort of illegal advantage to insure a win.

      • Brady has no rings without some sort of cheating. Sorry if the facts get you all butt-hurt. You really should be butt-hurt after watching Brady in the press conference following deflate-gate! What a blabbering fool! Look at the bright side, you have the only QB with a “gate” attached to his name. Like I said zero integrity!

        • Cheating has consequences so please enlighten all of us as to the fines Brady has paid and the suspensions served for all his malfeasance. All the butt-hurt seems to be between you and Brady.

          • Spy gate and deflate gate, enough said. Pats fans are about as smart as Hillary Clinton fans. Truth matters not as long as they win. Poor stupid Scuba Steve.

          • Doesn’t matter if he is in trouble for it…. with your idiotic logic, if you kill a guy you aren’t a murderer if you don’t get in trouble. He did it, I know it, you know it. Integrity is within, it’s not about if you are punished or not. You Pats fans are truly idiotic!

          • Regardless of the insults you sling, the people that matter said he didn’t do it. What you think he did is irrelavent.

          • No they did not say he didn’t do it. They were penalized for Spygate, you moron! He also was found guilty of deflate gate, but it was overturned by a judge due to technicality. So thank you once again for showing just how much you don’t know about this. Keep wacking off to Brady and telling yourself he is your angel!

          • More like the technicality of there being no evidence of wrongoing by Brady. The Patriots as an organization should have fought the NFL’s ruling but it’s too late for that now. The NFL preemptively brought the case against brady to court and the judge smacked them down for being idiots. Your feelings in the matter are irrelevant.

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha stupid Pat fans will never get it! The people that really matter decided the crooks will pay.

      • Wow, that was informative. way to show your intelligence Franky! You really should learn to read and write instead of wasting time defending cheaters.

      • Wahhhhhh, did I get you all butt hurt? Is that the best you got? Sorry about your little bitches suspension! Hahahaha

    • Hey Bill listen up buddy The Pat’s have been under a microscope lately & the fact they still win is a testament to their adversity, tenacity, gumption.and overall desire & ability to hard work hard training 7 days a week Their to WIN period, if not to simply put people like you in their place while doing so!. ..
      Now you go watch the that game with Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals then come back here and talk to me about integrity..Better yet I think you better go look up the word first Patriots have written the book on Integrity with in the NFL’ quit hating!!

      • Brady has no rings that don’t have a “cheated” asterisk next to it. Sorry there is absolutely no integrity in cheating. If you want to watch a video, watch that blubbering idiot Brady in the press conferences following deflate gate. ‘ nuff said.

      • They have been caught cheating more tHan any other team in history, so stop being so butt hurt when you hear the truth. Look up the word integrity, you sound confused….oh yeah sorry about Brady’s suspension! bwahahaha

    • Have you ever watched a Patriots game I’m guessing not because your comment would be so much different had you ever……
      Yea sure No integrity

      • Yes I have not only watched them, I have paid hard earned money to see them. I just stated facts. Brady has no rings without some sort of cheating involved. This is 100% lack of integrity. I know this hurts your feelings and all, but you really should have gotten your feelings hurt when Brady was a babbling idiot at the press conference following deflate gate. If you want to cheer for them go ahead. I just wish there was more integrity in sports today that is all. I am sorry if this makes you butt-hurt, go sit on a pillow. Watching Pats play has nothing to do with the fact that they are cheaters. Sorry!


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