Snoop Dogg Thanks The Bengals For Being So Stupid, “We Love Y’all!”

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Snoop Dogg is a well known Steelers fan (when he’s not hopping from bandwagon to bandwagon) and also a well known ‘Instagram ranter’. Combine the two, and you get some fairly entertaining content. When Snoop’s not trashing offensive coordinator Todd Haley for terrible play calling, he’s advocating for his team. Yet this time, he thanked the Bengals, thanking them for being “so undisciplined,” practically giving away their playoff win to the Steelers in the final minute.

Thnk u Pacman ??? Denver here we come !! #TurfdUp #SteelerNation

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Snoop refers to when Steelers coach Joey Porter ran onto the field after a Vontaze Burfit hit to Antonio Brown, to which Adam “Pacman” Jones was flagged for hitting Porter, an offensive which will likely warrant a fine as well.

The rapper also Instgrammed a photo of Jones crying on the sideline towards the end of the game.

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