Someone Leaked The TNF ‘Color Rush’ Uniform Color For Each Team



With intention to add a little flair to the usual lack-luster matches and poor play of Thursday Night Football since it was instilled a few years ago, the NFL implemented ‘color rush’ uniforms. The uniforms featured a bright and bold color chosen out of a team’s color scheme that would cover the entire outfit.


The uniform change seemed to be a success, even when it was a failure, as fans would tune in simply to see the uniforms, good or bad.

The NFL will continue the trend for the next upcoming season. The sheet with the unofficial plans for each team was created before the schedule was created, and shows the color that each team’s uniform will be, and needless to say, there are some interesting choices.

(Click to enlarge)

Keep in mind, these are technically subject to change, and judging by some of the choices, we hope that’s the case.


  1. Um, so yeah… NO. Rooney, Owner of the Steelers, already said Pittsburgh was gonna be either ALL-WHITE OR ALL-BLACK and he said we’ll go the oppo of what Indy does when we play on Thanksgiving so um yeah and stuff….. “Subject to change” is right. Like right away. Cuz you’re wrong, lol.

  2. Thursday night games every week is a dumb idea considering the handicap to game planning it presents and it shows with these ugly and sloppy games. So whoever thought that this ‘color rush’ crap was a good idea needs to be drug out into the street and shot. Every single uni for color rush has resulted in a rush of vomit to my mouth, culminating with the mustard vs ketchup game. Next year we will have a game every day of the week with 5 different uniforms and more “home” games will be in another country.

    Can someone please tell the NFL that there is no reason to try and keep fixing something that isnt broken. The greed is already starting to oversaturate the nfl. Games on saturday, Thursday, monday and sunday.


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