Vikings Fans Kick Own FG To Show Blair Walsh How Easy It Was

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.26.14 PM

Laces out or not, Blair Walsh missed a pretty damn close field goal today. 27 yards. 27 yards was all the ball had to travel between two massive uprights, but instead the Vikings season is over.

With Vikings fans still trying to wrap their head around how an NFL kicker could possibly miss such a kick, a group of teens decided to take to the snow and show Blair himself just how easy it was. Keyword snow, with shoes on. Take notes Blair.


Get this man a contract Vikings! (Bonus points for the Kirk Cousins tie in as well).


  1. Someone stuff that bitches head in the snow. Try kicking that in the biggest game of your career with the laces in . Not saying he shouldnt have made that chip shot but I dont think anyone needs to watch some douchecanoe kick a terrible field goal that would have hit someone in the ass.


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