Bieber Joins The Spurs!


Famed pop icon of androgyny, Justin Bieber, has apparently become a Spurs fan, sources say. The miraculous change occurred late in the 3rd quarter of Game 1 of the #NBAFinals when the Spurs took the lead from the Heat.

“I just had a feeling they were going to pull it out, ya know?” The snotty know it all Bieber said, while liberally applying lip gloss to his eyebrows. “I told my manager to buy a Spurs jersey and I changed right then and there. I’m very spur of the moment kind of person….Get it? LeBron is so last week. The French are in. Oui Oui Tony Parker!”

People living in Miami weren’t too upset at Justin Bieber’s blatant bandwagon hopping tactics. After all, they invented the strategy, leaving Kobe and the Lakers to become Heat fans in 2012.