Two Houston Security Guards Fired For Taking Photos With Tom Brady

Two security guards working for CSC for the Reliant Stadium in Houston were fired for taking pictures with Tom Brady following the Patriots 34-31 victory over the Texans (whom haven’t won a game since September). Here’s one of the guards’ interview with ESPN..


At least these two lost their jobs taking a picture with Tom Brady and not Matt Schaub.. But then again who would want to take a picture with Matt Schaub?


  1. This guy’s an idiot. I work for a stadium and it is strict with its rule of not asking players for pictures/autographs/equipment/etc…Doesn’t matter if you’re off or not, the reason you are in that hallway is because you work for that company, which you are still representing. Quit crying about something when you know YOU were in the wrong. Period.

    • #1 Tom Brady aint God!
      #2, if my job depended on it ESPECIALLY 2 weeks before Christmas, Id look at everyone as the person that could get me fired!
      #3 If I had been working there for over a year like they had, I would know better!

      I guess Im just the smart one here!

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