Shawne Merriman Got Up And Left In The Middle Of An Interview On ESPN2

Former San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills LB Shawne Merriman was on ESPN2’s Highly Questionable yesterday afternoon, mainly to discuss his life out side of football and his charity for homeless peopled called the Lights On Foundation. Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones were asking Merriman ideal questions about his playing days, his off the field issues, his issues with PEDs, how it was like to lose a house to a fire and what it was like being homeless. These were all questions you would expect to be asked when you’re there talking about to talk about your charity that deals with homeless people and the fact that Merriman was once homeless. During the interview out of no where, Merriman just got up and left, he just said “Alright thanks guys, I appreciate it.” and simply just got up and left. Now we still don’t know why he would just randomly get up and leave but the reaction on Jones’s and Le Bartard’s face is priceless.

 Later Merriman tweeted this out: