Throwback Thursday: “The Michael Vick Experience”

Easily one of the coolest NFL commercials of all time.

“The Michael Vick Experience” was released back in 2004 while Vick was still with the Atlanta Falcons of course. Many remember the days when he was the most electrifying forget QB, player on the field at any given time. Vick was racking up 85 yards per game rushing and that doesn’t include the 200 yards through the air. Some may even remember the 2002 game vs the Vikings where he rushed for 173 yards and accounted for 346 in total offense.

Nowadays the Michael Vick experience would feature a Jets uniform with a few boos from Peta and children would have to sign stacks of waivers that would free the ride of any lawsuits from the dozens on dozens of concussions that would ensue.