Arizona Newspaper Cartoon Takes Shot At The NFL



By the now everyone knows what situation the NFL and Roger Goodell is in after the video tape of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee, Janay Palmer out cold surfaced via TMZ last Monday.  The tape has left a dark cloud on the NFL and questions have risen weather the Commissioner and the league knew about the tape before it went public.

The Arizona Republic took a shot and dropped their opinion on the situation with this cartoon showing what looks to be Roger Goodell holding the elevator door for Ray Rice to drag his unconscious fiancee out of the elevator.  Of course, Goodell claimed that no one in the NFL actually saw the tape before it was released by TMZ last Monday but that claim is being doubted day by day especially with the most Associated Press report saying a law enforcement official sent a copy to the NFL back in April.

There’s also that known fact that, even if the NFL did not see the video, they had to have known something very similar to which was actually on the tape occurred in that Atlantic City Casino elevator.