Texans Fan Has Hilarious JJ Watt Shrine In His Home


JJ Watt…how can you hate the guy. Pizza delivery guy turned arguably the best all-around player in all of football. The man has more touchdown the LeSean McCoy, the same as Megatron, and more interceptions on the year than Richard Sherman. He’s unstoppable, even without his partner Jadaveon Clowney manning that stout defensive line. After signing the largest contact of any defensive player in NFL history, Watt had a Texans cleaning woman let him into the weight room at 4am for a lone workout.
Fans all around the league love him, so it’s no surprise Texans fans can’t get enough. We came upon this photo (via Josh Ayala) of what appears to be a shrine dedicated to Watt and his Texans. The shrine features a Jesus-like photo of Watt, along with other Houston icons such as a football, cup, table cloth, etc. Well played fan, well played.
Here’s some of Watt’s highlights this year, including his TD pass after lining up as a tight end, as well as a ridiculous 70+ yard INT return where he looks like he’s the fastest man on the field.