Texans Fans And Even Team Mascots Mock Ebola Epidemic

Most are aware that there is one man in the entire United States that has a confirmed case of the deadly Ebola virus. Of course viruses spread easily with large amounts of people in a confined space, and football stadiums meet that description exactly.

One Texans fan Sunday had a little fun with his costume and sign for the game, writing “We ain’t taking nothing back to Houston except a Texans win.” Obviously, that was not the result so it may have been a little awkward for this fan on the way out of AT&T stadium.

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(Photo via Instagram user @kristenc559) 

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a little too much fun Sunday afternoon, as their mascot paraded around their stadium with a sign stating “Towels Carry Ebola” while waiving a Steelers Terrible Towel. The Jaguars have come under fire for the display and may see a fine from the league office.