Giants Fan Gets A Trash Shower From Eagles Fans

The New York Giants were embarrassed by the Philadelphia Eagles last night during Sunday Night Football.  The Eagles shut out the Giants, 27-0, and adding insult to injury for the Giants, their pro-bowl wide receiver, Victor Cruz was lost for the season after tearing his Patella Tendon.

But one brave New York Giant fan, who was wearing an Eli Manning jersey in a hostile environment was even worse, when he was showered with trash from a bunch of Eagles fans.  The Giants  fan was trying to go back to his seat, before being annihilated by fans.  Surprisingly, the fan was okay with it, instead of defending himself, he took the abuse.

Fan violence has been a huge concern for NFL fans and Eagles fans never shy away from abusing fans of the opposing teams in their home stadium.  I mean after all, this is the same fan base who threw snow balls at Santa Clause, so I guess you can say this Giants fan was lucky he only got trash.  Right?