Drake University Student Wins A Free Tuck During A Shooting Contest Despite Being A Horrible Shooter

A Drake University freshman named Alex Tillinghast isn’t the best of shooters but he definitely has the “clutch” gene.

During a shooting contest where the freshman could win a new Ford F-150 at the school’s Bulldog Madness event, the freshman had to make a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot in 30 seconds. Judging by Tillinghast’s form and mechanics shooting the basketball, it didn’t look like he would leave the arena with a new truck.

Alex struggled to make the layup and three-pointer. However, with two seconds remaining on the clock, he showed off his clutch gene and nailed his only attempt from half court.  

Even though it took him 28 seconds to make a layup and three-pointer, Alex got the job done and won himself a brand new truck.