Bears’ Brandon Marshall Offers Twitter Troll $25K To Fight Him

Earlier this year, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall called the Detroit Lions the Chicago Bears little brothers. This led to a twitter troll, who we presume to be a Lions fan said some pretty harsh words to the Bears wide-out, even insulting Marshall’s mother and Marshall responded by offering the troll $25,000 to fight him.

Things started when the Lions fan posted insulting messages he sent Marshall on his Instagram page about his mother. (Warning: NSFW Language)


Marshall responded to the tweet by offering the troll to fight him for $5,000. He also said that if the fan lost, he would have spend 100 hours in an orphanage.



The fan tried to get Marshall to raise the price, which he did to $25,000, adding that the fan would have to apologize to his mother. 


Insulting a man’s mom is a no-no. For this fan, he clearly is happy there’s twitter separating him and Marshall because I doubt he would be saying these things to Marshall face-to-face.