BYU Signs 6’7″ 410-lb Giant Who’s Never Played Football Before

How do you get a football scholarship to a decent Division I team without ever playing a snap of organized football in your life? Be 6’7″ and weigh in at a whopping 410 pounds, that’s how. BYU announced Wednesday that they have signed the mankind of a teenager named Motekiai Langi from Tonga. Even the name of his residence sounds intimidating.

How’d he get signed? Well his own future head coach spent only spent 15 minutes with him, after he was “recruited” because a BYU assistant coach thought he was light on his feet during a game of pickup basketball two years ago.

A video has risen of him playing football and well, though it isn’t much, if its a sign of thing to come, we should be in store for some pretty hilarious highlights.

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