Kobe Bryant Not A Fan Of Lakers’ Celebrating Win On Jimmy Kimmel

Kobe Bryant is going to miss the remainder of the 2014-15 season due to yet another injury, this time a torn rotator cuff and is spending a lot of time in the media.  Earlier in the week, Bryant was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about his new documentary that is going to air on Showtime on February 28th. 

But one of the funnier moments on Jimmy Kimmel Live occurred when he was shown a clip of the Lakers celebration a victory over the Boston Celtics on Feb. 22. The clip shows Nick Young and Jordan hill interrupting Jeremy Lin’s post game interview and Carlos Boozer photo-bombing the camera. Now let me remind you, the Lakers were in the mist of an eight game losing streak and the celebration made it seem the 14-41 Los Angeles Lakers just clinched a playoff spot.

Kobe Bryant’s reaction was priceless, because you could see the anger in his eyes but you could also see how embarrassed the Black Mamba was seeing his teammates act so obnoxious when they’re 14-41. 

Kobe’s media onslaught started with a sit down interview with Ahmad Rashad called “The Interview” on NBATV and continued with an interview with GQ Magazine. Kobe also made an appearance on The Grantland Basketball Hour.

It’s tough not to see Kobe Bryant on the court, but the injury does give Kobe some time to show the fans a different light on the Mamba, and that’s the only good thing right now as the legendary Kobe Bryant continues on the path toward his eventual retirement.