89-Year-Old World War II Veteran Scores Touchdown During Kansas Alumni Flag Football Game

One of the coolest moments of 2015 came last Saturday during the University of Kansas alumni flag football game when 89-year-old World War II veteran and former Kansas Jayhawks football player Bryan Sperry scored a rushing touchdown, stealing the show. 

Sperry received the hand-off at around the 40-yard line and started to make his way down field, thanks to some great blocking by his teammates, he was able to rumble his way down the field all the way for the touchdown. 

Sperry played football at Kansas State when he was 17-years old. At age 19, Sperry was serving for his country in World War II. After returning from duty, he earned a spot on the Kansas Jayhawks football team and ended up playing in the 1948 Orange Bowl. 

If you want to read more about Bryan Sperry’s amazing story, Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star wrote a wonderful piece about him.