The Patriots Receive Their Super Bowl XLIX Championship Rings

Cast in white gold with 143 diamonds.

When the Patriots won their last Super Bowl, we were in awe of the rings, and this year blows those out of the water. With what appears to be the largest Super Bowl rings ever handed out, the Super Bowl XLIX  Champion Patriots held a party late Sunday night for the ring ceremony. This was the first time the public had a glimpse at the design, which in previous years was leaked before hand. One thing the ring doesn’t have, an asterisk.CHgsTGvUAAA-5_t


The ring is so large that you can’t even see the finger underneath it.


Brady shows off his bling as any four time champ would.


Wilfork, now a Texan came back to party with the team and posed with former coach Belichick for a picture with his collection.



Players like Malcom Butler and Sebastian Vollmer got in on the action as well.


And what a picture this is, Robert Kraft, actually an avid partier when the time comes, hops on stage with players and Wiz Khalifa at the turn tables.