Pierre Garcon Steps To J.J. Watt on ‘Hard Knocks,’ Calls Him A “F**K Boy”


Tempers boiled over in grand form when the Houston Texans traveled to Richmond, Virginia, last week for a series of joint practices and scrimmages with the Washington Redskins.
Scuffles broke out. Sidelines cleared. It was standard fare, really.
Seeing as players on the same team can’t even get through their own training camps without pulping each other’s molars into apple sauce, it was no surprise to see Redskins wideout Pierre Garcon chirping at Texans defenders when HBO played back footage from the joint scrimmages on the first episode of this season’s Hard Knocks on Monday night.
What was surprising, however, is who Garcon targeted after the whistle blew on one scrimmage play.
BroBible’s Jorge Alonso posted video of the exchange.
Shouldering his way through a crowd, Garcon decided to pick on Texans defensive end/sentient G.I. Joe Public Service Announcement J.J. Watt, calling the three-time Pro Bowler a “f–k boy” (or “boi,” depending on regional dialect).
Warning: Video contains naughty NSFW language.

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