Dez Bryant After Lockett Lays Unconscious: “That’s what the f*ck he gets!”

Yay for sportsmanship! Now lets be honest, everyone like some trash talk and hard nose football, but when you have an opposing player laying unconscious on the ground in the middle of the field, you should shut your mouth.

Dez Bryant isn’t known as the classist player in the league, with that said, he just said may have just lost any respect NFL fans sill had for the guy.

After Ricardo Lockett was knocked unconscious by a clean hit on a special teams play, Dez Bryant emphatically yelled at a Seahawk player:

“That’s what the f*ck he gets”

This was the scary hit that Lockett dropped unconscious on:

Bryant is in his first game back since injuring his foot Week 1. We aren’t sure the reasoning behind Dez’s words but could there be a connection to that game? It will be interesting to see if the media asks him about it post game.

Dez does have a history of questionable behavior which includes yelling and getting into physical altercations with his teammates on the sideline, hitting his mother, and various other incidents that diminished his image and draft stock coming out of college at Oklahoma State University.