Cam Newton Denied By Ref and Ball Boy, Has To Chase Down Football To Give To Kid

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Love Cam Newton or hate Cam Newton, you have to respect this.

After throwing a touchdown versus the Saints, a referee ended up with the football, to which Newton ran over and asked for it. When denied, the referee tossed it to the ball boy which again, wouldn’t let Cam have the ball. Now surely they had to know that after every TD, the QB gives the ball away to a young panthers fan in the crowd, to which why they wouldn’t hand the ball over was surprising. Newton eventually snatched the ball from the ball boy’s hand, and ran over to make a kids day, or week for that matter.


Newton drove the length of the field in the final minutes of the game throwing the game-winning TD pass, keeping the undefeated record in tact and making that ball this kid received even that much more special.