Eagles Fan ‘EDP’ Gave Promise To Run On Field Naked, Start Twerking If Philadelphia Pulled Off Upset vs Pats

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The now infamous part-time YouTuber, full time Eagles die-hard super fan EatDatP*ssy445 took the front camera previous to the Eagles matchup vs the Patriots in Foxboro today. EDP, as he’s known, made the trek all the way from California to Foxboro, a very commendable move.

While waiting foe his flight at Bakersfield Airport, he filmed himself and his thoughts about the “blow out” which would be of the game, and some very detailed promises if the 4-7 Eagles ended up pulling off the miracle of an upset against the 10-1 Pats. Those promises included running onto the field naked, twerking once he got there, pulling his pants down, and mooning the Patriots fans.

(Warning: NSFW Language)


We aren’t exactly sure if he kept to his word, and honestly we didn’t expect him to, but if anyone hears about an arrest at Gillette Stadium for disorderly conduct postgame, yo can take a guess on who it was.