Cam Newton Gave the ‘I Got This’ Look After Odell Beckham Jr.’s Game-Tying TD

After seeing their team blow a 28-point lead in a quarter, some quarterbacks may be nervous about having to go back on the field to try to win the game with a last-minute drive.

Not Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers quarterback is so poised that he welcomes the challenge.

When New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. caught a touchdown pass to tie the game at 35 with less than two minutes to play in Sunday’s game, Newton stayed cool and collected. It’s almost as if he said, “Game on.”

Newton is the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300 yards and 5 TDs while also running for 100 yards in the same game, which of course he fulfilled Sunday.

Newton led the Panthers 49 yards in one minute and 46 seconds to get the game-winning field goal as time expired. Carolina (14-0) stayed undefeated with a 38-35 victory.

(Bleacher Report)


          • Panthers are actually now at 18-0. Years ago, the Indiana Colts were at 23-0. What’s your point? We all know winning streaks can be broken. They never last forever.

          • So tell Josh Norman and the Panthers to play with a little class and stop genuflecting and gyrating every time they make a decent play. Save the TD dances and various forms of prancing IF they do it vs. Seattle in January when it counts.

          • Aw, look – we got a butthurt Panthers hater. :p There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a successful play, Mr. Sour Grapes. :p

          • Butt hurt??? My team has has three SB rings. How many does Carolina have again??? Tell River Boat Ron not to wet his bed the night before Seattle comes to town in January, ok?

          • You’re clearly a fan not used to success. Don’t worry — it all comes to an end in January at the hands of the Hawks.

          • Carolina is just a 2015 feel good story that ends in January with NO RING. It must hurt to have no rings, huh? Hey — after January, you can go back to looking at your Ronda Rousey poster and getting moist.

          • Butthurt folks who scream like that are hardly laughing. They just claim they are, to cover up their butthurt … and try to pretend they’re not the pathetic ones. :p

          • Aw, look … he can’t help himself. It’s funny how quickly he showed his butthurt. And it just keeps going …

          • Who’s butt hurt now, f*^^@t??? Julio Jones OWNED Josh Norman to the tune of almost 200 yards receiving! So much for the unbeaten season, huh?

            Falcons – 20 F
            Pant Hers – 13

            ***Cam ran off the field like a little b!tch after the game. Did you see that?


            You cried yourself to sleep tonight, right?

          • Aw, look … the butthurt Panthers hater has returned (not surprisingly). Wonder if he’ll even read through this whole conversation from the beginning. Maybe then the true level of his butthurt – and the desperate manner in which he’s been misrepresenting the conversation – will become apparent even to him. lol

          • You fools actually thought you were going undefeated? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Smoke & mirrors football never lasts forever. How did Josh ‘Motor MOuth’ Norman do vs. Julio Jones?

          • All that really matters is how a team plays on game day. Some days a good team is off and a bad team is on. History doesn’t always count. You just never know.

          • Again, all that really matters is how a team plays on game day. Some days a good team is off and a bad team is on. History doesn’t always count. You just never know.

          • Earlier you declared without doubt that Seattle would be the team Carolina faced. Now that’s not a sure thing. Apparently you seem to have trouble understanding that the only thing that can determine the outcome is how a team plays on game day.

          • Would have been good to secure homefield advantage in the playoffs with a win yesterday, but homefield advantage isn’t always a sure thing either.

          • Seattle has a lotta heart. Most teams mail it in down 31-0. Congrats to the Panthers. They should whoop the Cards next week for the honor of losing to Denver or NE.

          • Certainly they’re capable of beating the Cardinals, but I generally never feel like any game’s a sealed deal until it’s obvious in the final minutes. I’ve seen way too many crazy unexpected outcomes. :p I had a feeling Seattle would come back the way they did in the final half.

          • I honestly think Carolina should handle AZ. The Cards have no running game to keep Carolina’s front honest and Palmer is only as good as Fitz makes him look. NE-Denver looks a lot more even. I see no dominant teams and when that’s the case, the team with the better QB usually wins. I expect the SB winner to come from the AFC.

          • It doesn’t seem like you’ve learned the obvious yet though given your “for the honor of losing to Denver or NE” remark. Dude, you can never say for certain how a game’s going to go. It’s not a sure bet we’d lose to the Patriots or the Broncos if we go to the Superbowl. History and stats can only do so much. I’d prefer to play the Broncos if we make it to the SB though. Mostly because I don’t care for the Patriots at all. Of course, if we did meet up with NE it’d be nice to hopefully beat them. Which would be a much better outcome than the last time we went. :p

          • Kind of a bummer Pittsburgh lost though. They’re the team I usually root for when they’re not playing the Panthers.

          • Close game in Denver. The fumble was the difference. I thought Ben outplayed Peyton. Denver gets QB pressure with their down linemen better than the Steelers.

          • I have mixed feelings about Tomlin, though. Pittsburgh’s bad luck with injuries this year did them in. With their top RB healthy, they’re a Top 4 team in the league.

          • I didn’t realize Tomlin had been with them so long or that he never played professional football himself. He was quite young when he came on board as coach.

          • Ah, OK – I thought I’d read somewhere that he never played pro. Maybe Wikipedia or something. And that’s not always the most accurate source of info.

          • You’re right. He never played in the NFL. For some odd reason, I thought he did. He started coaching in college immediately after graduating.

          • Kind of an unusual situation, I take it? I thought all coaches in pro ball were ex-pro players. I guess there’s always the exception.

          • Not really unusual, but definitely not too common. I told you AZ had no chance. Riverboat Ron is in the SB.

          • For some reason I’m not getting notifications and missed this comment until just now. I know you told me that, but I still hold my breath and never count the unhatched chickens until it’s pretty much 100% obvious that the game is won. :p I was glad to see the Panthers hold on for the second half, since they have a history of starting out strong then slipping. Hopefully they can play that way on the big day.

          • Carolina should be just fine on Sunday. Peyton is on his last legs and Denver’s running game is spotty because of the poor blocking up front. If Cam doesn’t turn the ball over, and he usually doesn’t, and if Sanders doesn’t have a monster game, the Panthers should win by 10-12 points.

          • Cam is not an elite QB, just a very good one by today’s standards. Thank God the Panthers are in a weak division, but that may change because ATL is looking up.

          • You can certainly beat NE or Denver, but of the two, you should hope for Denver. Brady might make Josh Norman look stupid like Wilson did today.

          • Eh, I think Norman did OK yesterday. He was fast and good on some plays. But some of the Seahawks were faster on others. An yeah, that fumble in Denver … what a huge mistake. It would have been cool to face the Steelers if we made it to the SB … I’d still pull for the Panthers, but losing to the Steelers wouldn’t feel too terrible either.

          • The Panthers looked shaky that second half yesterday, but that’s to be expected because Seattle plays well from behind and in big games. I don’t see AZ doing much with Carolina next week. The Cardinals’ running game is average and if Fitz doesn’t play like he did Saturday, the Panthers will win by 10-14 points easily.

          • I’ll try to remember that as I watch the game this evening. Panthers were trying to rely primarily on defense in the second half of the Seahawks game … maybe to preserve energy or something … but as we see, that can be a dangerous strategy.

          • They should be fine today as long as they stay balanced on offense. Palmer’s not beating anyone with his legs. I predicted the Denver upset. Brady has no one on the outside. Gronk played his ass off.

          • I didn’t even want to know how the Denver/Patriots game went until after the Panthers were done with AZ, because it didn’t matter at that point. All that mattered was how we played that game … no sense in looking ahead to a match that wasn’t even certain until our game was done. I didn’t realize how close the Denver game was until I started reading/hearing recaps. Wow.

          • The Denver-New England game was razor thin. After watching both games, I came to the conclusion that the Panthers should be at least a seven point favorite. Vegas has them at -5.5

            I expect the line to climb to at least -6.5 by kickoff. Cam is a better QB than Peyton at this time and the Carolina is at least the equal of Denver’s in the first halves of games.

          • Denver has no match-up for Olsen. Carolina doesn’t kill you with the run or pass, but they keep moving the chains. The only way Denver stays close if the Panthers fall asleep in the second half like the Seattle game.

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