Eagles Trying To Lure Andy Reid Back, Leave A Trail Of Cheesesteaks From Kansas City To Philly


KANSAS CITY, MO – Kansas City police were called to a nothing short but weird scene Tuesday morning, when pedestrians noticed a long trail of gooey cheesesteaks lined down Lister Ave. The Through police investigation and security camera footage from multiple security cameras show 2 men wearing Philadelphia Eagles jerseys and booing at everything lining them down the center of the street.

Police say after interviewing the men they fessed their grand scheme to draw Andy Reid back to Philly using the one thing he couldn’t resist. Along with cheeseburgers, hot dogs, ribs, beans, corndogs, pretzels, diabetes, and country fried steak. They confessed their regret in booing Reid out of Philadelphia when Reid was let go as the team went in a new direction, entering the Chip Kelly era.