Imagine If Dodge Got The Naming Rights Of LA NFL Teams: Dodge Rams & Dodge Chargers?


Granted, and thankfully, the NFL has not reached the realm of naming rights to teams yet like they have their stadiums, and will likely not see this anytime soon. In regard to stadium names, gone are the days of names like Giants’ Stadium and in are the 1 billion dollar cooperate advertisement MetLife Stadium.

Large companies want to advertise in sports for simply the exposer. Their name is now associated with a sports team that is talked about daily, with their logo plastered on every meter of the stadium, and if you’re lucky, the Super Bowl will come to the stadium with your name on it.

Many have wondered if organizations like the NBA will move to advertisements on jerseys, as we see in soccer worldwide. The closest we have to this in the NFL is the large sponsor patches worn on jerseys turning training camps.

As money hungry as the NFL is, we can’t imagine we’ll see naming right slots available for actual team names anytime soon, but it got us wondering, imagine the team that just moved to Los Angeles, the Rams, and the team that will likely join them, the Chargers. One’s a partner brand of the Dodge Motor Company, and one’s a car name.

Once again, we won’t be seeing this anytime soon, but the hypothetical is pretty funny.