Blair Walsh Tries Routinely Pulling Into Garage, Goes Horribly Wrong

carMINNEAPOLIS, MN – Police were called to a Minnesota residence Friday morning at approximately 9:50 am and arrived on the scene to see this… A car suspending into a house, wide lift of the garage. The car and house and belonging to Vikings kicker Blair Walsh, who well, we all know what happened with Blair.

Police got a statement from Walsh, saying that he lined up for the easy pull up, just like any other one and his shoe laces got in the way and he just shanked the thing. Gas pedal to the floor and the car [Walsh’s red Audi TT] went airborne.

Walsh says now since they won’t be playing the Panthers in the divisional round this weekend, he’ll have some extra time for repairs.

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(h/t photo provided by Dan Grubb)