Cam Newton Takes 12th Man Flag From Stands, Chucks It As Far As He Can

In case it wasn’t clear already for opposing fans, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t like to see anything supporting the visiting team in his home stadium.

Newton made headlines earlier this season when he tore down a Green Bay Packers fan’s sign that was hanging at the stadium. Then, earlier this month, the Panthers quarterback snatched a Jameis Winston jersey from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan during a stadium victory lap of sorts, to which he actually fell when the Bucs fan pulled back.

After the Panthers held on for a 31-24 victory over the Seahawks to advance to the NFC Championship Game, Newton once again made his way to the stands to hand out high-fives. For whatever reason, somebody decided to put their “12” flag out there near the Carolina star. And Newton then did what he does and threw it down.

Let this be a lesson to any Arizona Cardinals fan who makes the trip to Charlotte next week: Don’t wave any of your team gear at Newton unless you are willing to lose it.