Cam Newton Yells At Coaches During Timeout, Drops Huge F-Bomb On Live TV

Warning: NSFW language

Cam Newton is passionate. This is known. We think FOX should have realized this as they zoomed in on Cam coming over to his coaches after a timeout forced to be called because of a play call issue.

Despite at the time, being up by 3 scores lead in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks , the Panthers quarterback was clearly pissed with his coaches as he walked over to them during a timeout, pulling off his helmet and showing his displeasure, mixed in with a few F-Bombs, which were clearly heard on the live telecast.


  1. Struggling to see the point here. What exactly is surprising about someone using the “F-bomb” in this situation? For that matter, what exactly is so wrong about the “F-bomb”? It is an f’ing word. (Would use it but might get my comment deleted)