Gronk Responds To Tweet Saying Broncos Will Take Out His Knees In The Most Gronk Way Possible


You either love or hate Rob Gronkowski. And if you hate him, we’re not sure why. He’s basically a large Johnny Manziel minus the douchebag-ness.

The arguably soon-to-be greatest tight end to ever play the game, is besides perhaps Brady, the most important part to the defending Super Bowl champs, who face off with the Broncos at Mile High this Sunday. With the game approaching, a fan tweeting a warning, mentioning Gronk of the Broncos game planning to take his knees out, to which Gronk responded, in the most Gronk way possible.



The tweet came about specifically from an SportsCenter interview with, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr., who was simply asked, “How do you tackle Rob Gronkowski?” His answer was confirmation of the Patriots’ worries and is a huge problem for the NFL.

Many may remember earlier this season when Gronk was crated off the field after being tackled low by a Bronco’s defender, resulting in a badly bruised knee.

 The tight end has been plagued with injuries, knee injuries notably and cannot afford another one, especially with this already heavily depleted Pats roster.