Twitter Users Are Finding Tweets Of NFL “Experts” Who Said Cam Newton Would Fail In The NFL

There are many NFL “experts” and “draft gurus” out there and 9/10 they are usually wrong about which college player or players will succeed or fail at the pro level.

Unfortunately, when you put your opinion in a 140-character or less tweet and it turns out to be horribly wrong, especially when that player (Cam Newton) is dominating the NFC Championship Game and is en-route to winning league MVP, the Internet will remind you that you were wrong.

That’s exactly what’s happening tonight on Twitter as Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers to a lead over the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game, while Newton is wheeling and dealing, Twitter users are finding old tweets from people like Skip Bayless (above), Pete Prisco and Matt Miller, who thought Cam Newton would fail in the NFL.

Here are some examples:


SkipPete Prisco Matt MIller

The Internet is ruthless.