49ers Fans Create Petition To Move The Seahawks Team To Oklahoma City

With how many ridiculous petitions Seahawks fans have posted as of late, it wouldn’t be shocking if this was taken as legit for a second by on-lookers.

Sneaky San Francisco 49ers fans trying to get rid of their pesky NFC West division rival who have had their number in recent years. 49ers fans really know where to push their fellow fans up there in Seattle, of course mocking the city’s former basketball team, the Seattle Super Sonics move to Oklahoma City a few years ago.

The petition reads as follows:

Many NFL fans across America have grown weary of the Seattle Seahawks being in existence. It is because of this that we request the IMMEDIATE relocation of the Seattle Seahawks franchise to Oklahoma City, along with a complete re-brand.

Oklahoma City serves as a lucrative opportunity for the NFL, as well as one with historical precedent in one of the other major North American sports. In 2008, the NBA’s Seattle SuperSonics fled for Oklahoma City in a widely-applauded move. The team re-branded themselves as the Oklahoma City Thunder and has never looked back.

Now, in 2016, the Seahawks have THEIR opportunity to re-identify themselves, in the heart of America, just as the Thunder did so many years ago.

Introducing: The Oklahoma City Thunderhawks.

Together, we can bring the NFL to Oklahoma City. Thank you.

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(h/t TotalProSports)